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One fine day in August 1987, Joan White and Dario Zaffarano began the partnership that bears their names.  Both of us had worked for and with other good lawyers, but in 1987, we were wanting to work with our own clients.  The time was right for us, and we agreed to begin an office-sharing partnership.

While we provided similar services and practiced in similar areas, the life experiences we brought to our new venture both complemented and informed the results received by our clients. For example, Dario was a part-time city attorney, and his experience in that capacity helped him explain or challenge the actions of other city councils. Joan represented several homeowner associations, and understood the rights and obligations of members and associations one to the other. Both had and have served in leadership roles for numerous local boards of directors of non-profit organizations and are members of the Story County, Iowa and American Bar associations.

​In 2014, we were joined by John Dirks, and his approach to life and boundless energy seemed a good fit (particularly once Joan announced her intent to retire in June 2016.)  John had years of experience in California and Iowa, and is a former California public defender. He invested the time to ensure that his clients are correctly and professionally represented. In June 2023, John needed less stress in his life, and he has retired from active practice. He may return eventually, but currently is not seeing clients.

Joan has fully retired now. Dario has been in practice long enough (and have apparently well enough) that he has represented multiple generations of family members.  Our clients recommend their friends to us.  We hope you will, too.

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And now we are one...

I have over 40 years of legal experience. I have served the central Iowa area at the current location since 1992. If I don't have experience in the area you need, I probably know who does, and will tell you who I'd use if I was in your shoes.

I also have office space available at very reasonable rates for new or old lawyers interested in "hanging out a shingle", and I would be happy to mentor and to help new lawyers get their footing, or at least to find their way to the courthouse.

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